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See what residents are saying about our apartments in Anaheim! Here, we value all the voices in our community and are so happy to be a part of what makes Oasis Anaheim a great place to call home. We love feedback that helps us improve and build the kind of community we strive for. Schedule a tour to see for yourself our thriving neighborhood.



This community is awesome! There is literally something to do for everyone here. The office staff have been on top of their game with everything and continue to wow me! They just recently even had an event for us to show their appreciation! There is security gates to keep out any intruders, patrol after hours to make you feel safe, and pet stations all around the community for people to clean up after their pets. This community is the perfect place to call home and it doesn't get much better.


Just interacted with exterior on this one. Great location off of the Santa Ana River Trail and within walking distance to Kaiser and the Embassy Suites in Anaheim. Beautiful modern aesthetics and ideal location to catch the Metrolink from. Modern lines and clean visuals. Time in all things and tours are available for those interested in renting. Ideally suited for a commuter who takes the metrolink or walks to work. Smiling faces at entry and kind greetings reasonate. Thanks for the hospitality.


My new husband and I moved in last October and it was the worst experience ever. The girl that leased to us Paula or something told us that our apartment had to be cleaned by us at move in. So glad the new management let her stay here be a short one. She then also had our vehicle towed after she told us to park there via email. I was livid because my neighbor continually played the most raunchy rap music and never cleaned his patio for almost 3 months . I was livid and went to the office to complain and of course the Paula said there was nothing she could do because it was apartment living. Lucky for her the new manger overheard my frustration and said she would take care of it. I didnt believe her until 20 minutes later I watched her walk to their door and whatever she said worked because I never heard a peep out of them again and not one ounce of dog S*** is on their patio is non exsistent. There is a group of people that live here that are careless and leave trash everywhere. LOSERS! People Leave their cars unlocked and except their car to not get broken into or stolen. Yes and idiot actually left his keys in the car and expected his car to be there. LOSER! The managers, Kristin and Austin have really changed our attitude towards the Crossing , yet they have their work cut out for them still and you can tell they must like what they do. I see Austins car here late all the time because she is fixing something that someone did or the other manager is out sweeping up trash which is not her job. Im not sure what the other part of the staff does, but the managers seem to do mostly everything. I think they are understaffed if you ask me. All in all, the Crossing is a great place to live, very close to work and they just started having resident events, YAY for tacos. I would refer someone to live here as long as those two ladies are running the show.


Been living here for a few years now. Quiet. No complaints. Great staff in lobby and the maintenance team is awesome too. They always take time to say hello. More importantly, I never have to wait more than 24 hours to get anything fixed. Moses was here just a few days ago and left my sink cleaner than I had it after he quickly fixed the issue. Everyone is always so friendly and professional. Theyre implementing a new trash system so Im sure it will be beneficial to the entire building. Pet owners can be a little more considerate but other than that, great place to live.




Going on 4 years here at rhe crossing and love it! Management recently made great upgrades and amenities have improved 200%. Life keeps getting better here The Crossing Apts.


Besides the pet owners. It's a pretty nice community. Great amenities and guest parking isn't too hard to find.


wonderful clean place to live with great staff on site

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