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See what residents are saying about our apartments in Anaheim! Here, we value all the voices in our community and are so happy to be a part of what makes Oasis Anaheim a great place to call home. We love feedback that helps us improve and build the kind of community we strive for. Schedule a tour to see for yourself our thriving neighborhood.


The current management team has done an excellent job in the upgrades and making sure we had all our little problems fixed that past management has not been very compliant with. This place has made a 180° turn on how it’s ran and The alliance team here is very professional and provide the most amazing customer service!!


My boyfriend and I have lived here for a year. The priir management team was kind by I felt that improvement was a bit stagnet. With the arrival of Tanya and Adam, who are also very kind, there is a a stark difference in productivity. It's a very of fresh air. The new team is working very hard to improve and upgrade the property while finally getting things repaired that, quite frankly, should have been repaired ages ago. If you express any griviences they do what they can within their ability to resolve the issue. Since they have taken over as management they try to have some fun and interesting community events working to foster a great living environment. We live in a society where you don't know who your neighbors are and this is a great way to help break down barriers and create a positive living environment. Overall, I'm really excited at the changes a that have been done and projects that are in the pipeline. Tanya and Adam seem to truely care about the tenants while taking pride in the property and that can be a hard combination to find. As if that were not enough on its own the maintenance team here is fantastic. They are respectful not only to you but to your in environment if repairs are required. It's nice to live luxury lifestyle environment at a fair price.



Living here has been great! The management has been amazing and so communicative. They hold resident events and make it feel like a loving and comfortable community. The amenities are up to par and the complex is clean and kept up. So happy I chose to move here.


I have to say I’m really pleased with everything that’s been happening here. There’s been some changes in management and everyone in the leasing office has been great, including maintenance. I wasn’t sure before if I’d be renewing my lease just a few months ago but if things keep going the way they are I will stay here forever!


I really enjoyed being in the Crossing apartments. In the beginning, I had some concern because of the negative reviews on yelp, but actually the new management has made the great improvement and I haven't had any inconvenience during the residence. Adam and Tanya have been always friendly, helpful and accomodating. The facilities are well-maintained and safe. I definitely recommend this place!


Great improvements happening here. New management team, Adam and Tanya are a breath of fresh air! So much better than the previous team!


Lived at the Crossing for almost 2 years now, and have seen many changes within those years. You can absolutely see the progression upwards in the property! With an amazing maintenance staff, and community management staff it makes living here as simple as you need it to be. The communication between the office and resident is absolutely amazing, they really will get down to the core issue and help you out. The community manager, Tanya, has been an immense upgrade to the community. After a few changes in the past, the really got lucky with her! An amazing pool, and hot tub to enjoy whenever residents would like. Parking is also very simple, especially for an Orange County apartment location. I currently have 3 total roommates and we all have assigned parking. No worries about ever having to find a random parking spot. Fantastic community.


First of all I have to say what a difference it is moving from my last apartment to The Crossing. I LOVE my new apartment! The apartments are beautiful inside! The staff is really kind and I can tell they truly care. I have seen many residents be rude to them and get mad at them for things out of their control and what bothers me most is the people trashing the property (throwing their trash in places other than the chutes or trash cans, letting their dogs poop and pee wherever and not cleaning it up, etc.) are the ones who complain about the property and staff. The property as a whole is very nice! We have a really pretty pool area which is well maintained. The pool and pool area are always very clean which I appreciate so much. Many of my old apartments slacked in this area so it’s nice to have a beautiful area to relax. I also love our BBQ areas! They’re perfect for warm nights and such a nice bonus! Along with the gym and outdoor fireplace! I love that we have a yoga room as well for stretching and doing other floor exercises. The gym is also always very clean and fresh. As a whole I truly love my experience of living at The Crossing.


Been living at the Crossing for about 4 years now. Just renewed and I gotta say, the staff is better than ever! I came here when it was under management by some other company and I can completely tell the difference if the improvements. I've haven't had issues of car break ins myself, but I must say crime has no address. There are gates and Key access gates up and patrol that I've seen walked around. If people are gonna break in, no matter any cameras or security, people will break in regardless. I love the safety measures here and the people here. I don't get why there's complaints or such bad reviews. Unless people are just angry and feel the need to put their rant or tantrum. Nonetheless I love living. And honestly stuff happens, gates breakdown or water needs to be shut off for a repair. All these "issues" are stuff that has been fixed or for a reason. From the new staff here, maintenance guys and neighbors, I enjoy my time here as I work from home.

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