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See what residents are saying about our apartments in Anaheim! Here, we value all the voices in our community and are so happy to be a part of what makes Oasis Anaheim a great place to call home. We love feedback that helps us improve and build the kind of community we strive for. Schedule a tour to see for yourself our thriving neighborhood.






I toured The Crossing recently and I can’t say enough about the customer service I experienced. The leasing agent (I can’t recall her name) went above and beyond to explain the leasing process, lease terms, and availability options. The property is currently undergoing renovations, so the tour was rather short, but even so, I would have leased here if they had a place for me in the timeframe I am looking for (Ju). I am looking forward to coming back and seeing the finished product and leasing. The customer service, price, and location are just what I was looking for.


Maintenance is always good, especially when Moises comes and helps out with the problems, he has great attitude, leaves area clean and comes fast to solve the problem.


Prior to moving in to our new home last year we lived at The Crossing for six years and I have to say it was good. Security and living amenities were nice. Our rent only went up slightly over the years which was nice. The community is animal friendly but we would not hear any barking or meowing or any other animal noises. Very quiet community but on occasion some neighbors would not pick up after their dog droppings which was disappointing but the cleaning crew always tried to stay on top of that in order to keep the community clean for the most part. One area of concern is the consist change in management all have been good (some a little more strict than others) but always professional. For example in the 6 years of living there the management changed 4-5 times. The current managers are doing a good job implementing a lot of new ideas such as: taco night parties by the big pool (nice and roomy - although it’s in the process of a being remodeled) and at Christmas they had a children’s giveaway which was really awesome; all in all it’s a good community. Although I will say I am having a little challenge in the whole security deposit now that we moved out but I’m sure it will work out because the management seems to be workable.



The current management team has done an excellent job in the upgrades and making sure we had all our little problems fixed that past management has not been very compliant with. This place has made a 180° turn on how it’s ran and The alliance team here is very professional and provide the most amazing customer service!!


My boyfriend and I have lived here for a year. The priir management team was kind by I felt that improvement was a bit stagnet. With the arrival of Tanya and Adam, who are also very kind, there is a a stark difference in productivity. It's a very of fresh air. The new team is working very hard to improve and upgrade the property while finally getting things repaired that, quite frankly, should have been repaired ages ago. If you express any griviences they do what they can within their ability to resolve the issue. Since they have taken over as management they try to have some fun and interesting community events working to foster a great living environment. We live in a society where you don't know who your neighbors are and this is a great way to help break down barriers and create a positive living environment. Overall, I'm really excited at the changes a that have been done and projects that are in the pipeline. Tanya and Adam seem to truely care about the tenants while taking pride in the property and that can be a hard combination to find. As if that were not enough on its own the maintenance team here is fantastic. They are respectful not only to you but to your in environment if repairs are required. It's nice to live luxury lifestyle environment at a fair price.


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